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07 Jun

On June 02nd, 2017, TZK Irkutsk and its separate subdivision in Krasnoyarsk (Aerofuels Group of Companies) received the Certificate of Conformity for air services jet fuel supplies in the airports of Irkutsk and Yemelyanovo (Krasnoyarsk). The certification was held by the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation FGUP of the Ministry of Transport of Russia within the Voluntary Certification System of the civil aviation facilities. Both companies confirmed their conformance to the requirements for arrangement of a full set of services in aircrafts aviation kero and anti-icing fluid refueling according to the Federal aviation regulations.

On the basis of the inspection results Mr V.Yu.Sannikov, Director of Scientific Centre-28 of the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation FGUP, thanked Aerofuels specialists for a high professionalism demonstrated during arrangement of the separate subdivision operation in the airport of Yemelyanovo.

In June 2016 an agreement for cooperation between the International airport of Yemelyanovo (Krasnoyarsk) and Aerofuels Group represented by TZK-Irkutsk was signed. The company has become the third bid operator supplying aircrafts with jet fuel in the airport of Krasnoyarsk. The capacity of a new TZK in Krasnoyarsk is up to 2 000 tons of fuel per month. It is located 3 km from the airdrome of Yemelyanovo. The aviation kero and fuels and lubricants quality meets the highest standards, and it conforms to the safety and ecological standards.

TZK Irkutsk LLC is a member of TZK network belonging to Aerofuels Group of Companies. It is one of the first alternative TZK in Russia. The complex has been working in compliance with the current Russian and international rules and requirements for 15 years already, and it possesses its own aviation fuels quality control laboratory and up-to-date airdrome refuelers fleet. TZK Irkutsk LLC is a good example of an alternative refueling complex successful operation in one of the largest regional international airports of Russia offering attractive price conditions and a high quality of the refueling service to the Russian and international air carriers.


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