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02 Apr

Last week formal event took place dedicated to commencement of Shell&Aerofuels CJSC operation in Pulkovo airport. Managers of aviation authorities, airport, representatives of airlines and mass media gathered at the event. Refueling company became the second operator in the market of Saint-Petersburg airport aviation fuel supply.

Press-conference was conducted upon completion of official part with participation of Oleg Grinchenko, head of Administration of North-Western Interregional Territorial Department of Air Transport FAVT (Federal agency of Air Transport), Sergey Emdin, General Director of Air gate of the Northern Capital LLC, Vladimir Spiridonov, General Director of Aerofuels Group and Paul Cluett, General Director of Shell&Aerofuels. Representatives of aviation authorities and airport marked positive role of Shell&Aerofuels company in the issues of competition development in aviation fuel supply market in Saint-Petersburg.

Paul Cluett presented Shell&Aerofuels company to the guests and told about further operation plans in Saint-Petersburg airport. Particularly he marked that designing of aviation fuels warehouse is completed and its construction is started nowadays in the territory of Pulkovo airport.

New operator of aviation fuel supply has all required certificates of Federal Air Transport Agency for operating in Saint-Petersburg airport, is regularly subject to inspections and confirms high quality of rendered services and full compliance of aircrafts refueling to ShellAviation standards. The company disposes of own new refuellers park in Pulkovo airport which meets both Russian and international requirements. Fuel refueled into aircraft tanks is subject to strict inspection in quality control laboratory of aviation fuel and lubricants. Large western air carriers are company customers in Saint-Petersburg airport nowadays. Refueling company possesses a 12-year successful working experience in Domodedovo airport. But for refueling operations performed for more than 50 foreign airlines Shell&Aerofuels are regularly assigned aviation fuel supplies in milestone events in Moscow airport: refueling of the first regular flight of Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the first flight of the largest passenger airplane in the world Airbus 380 and the first foreign low-cost airlines EasyJet.

Development of positive competition will enable to enhance safety of flights at the expense of increase in quality of rendered services and introduction not only of Russian but also of international refueling standards as well as it will influence reduction of airlines expenses for aviation fuel. Further on demonopolization can lead to decrease in flights cost, increase in passenger traffic and further growth of airport reputation Vladimir Spiridonov, General Director of Aerofuels group, marked.

For information:

State company Aerofuels was the first one to start construction of alternative TZK and prove practical benefit of aviation fuel market demonopolization in its practical activities. Nowadays there are 13 airports in Russia with developed competition, in 11 of them one of market participants is represented by TZK forming part of Aerofuels group of companies. More than 4 bln. rub. in total were invested by the Group of companies into development of modern aviation fuel supply infrastructure. Working experience of Aerofuels proved that kerosene price decreases and the quality of rendered services increases when competition begins as well as investment into infrastructure commence and new aerodrome refuellers are purchased.

For comparison: nowadays the registered prices in TsRT (Center of schedules and tariffs) in airports with demonopolized market and monopolistic fuel operator are the following:

Averagely in an airport with several refueling complexes the price of kerosene with VAT and refueling service included is 8-11% lower than in airports with monopolistic structures.

Availability of competing refueling companies in the same airport does not only refer to global practice, it is also common trend of transport strategy development in Russia. Nowadays it is established by decree of the RF Government 2579-r regarding approval of events plan (the so called "traffic map") "Competition development and improvement of antimonopoly policy" and is included into Transport strategy before 2020 approved by the Ministry of Transport.


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