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26 Aug

The meeting was held in Domodedovo Moscow airport on August 13 for discussion of aviation fuel provision issues. Representatives of the leading companies of the branch including GosNII GA, Lukoil, Gazpromneft, Rosneft, Shell and Aerofuels and Domodedovo Fuel Services gathered at the conference arranged by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA).

The experts reviewed the issues connected with regulatory environment and technical documentation of aviation fuel provision in Russia. The attention of the specialists was focused on the following issues: acceptance and storage of aviation fuel and aircrafts refuelling, problems of Russian documentation conformity to foreign requirements in connection with introduction of the standard of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 9977.

Such meetings are very significant for the branch development, - remarks Konstantin Chichagov, RF production manager of CJSC Shell and Aerofuels. Market participants gain the possibility of discussion of accumulated questions there are a good few of them today. The principal task nowadays is to update regulatory and technical documentation for aviation fuel provision and bring it into conformity with international regulations. This is caused by operation of aircrafts by the Russian airlines that were manufactured abroad and registered in other countries, which puts obligations on the operators for international requirements fulfillment.

Domodedovo Moscow airport is an active participant of aviation fuel provision market. The largest fuelling complex in Russia and the CIS countries is operating in the airport. The conditions have been created in Domodedovo aiport from 2000 enabling the airlines to independently select the ways of aviation fuel provision: fuel supply by one of refuelling operators, storage of indepenently purchased aviation fuel, fuel supply by oil companies, which can in turn store it in the tanks of the airport and make use of its fuel infrastructure for aicrafts refuelling.

Nowadays two fuelling operators are working in the airport CJSC Domodedovo Fuel Services and CJSC Shell and Aerofuels. Such oil companies as Gazpromneft-Aero, Lukoil-Aero, TNK-BP and RN-Aero make use of the possibility of storing and selling the aviation fuel to the airlines with the service of into-plane fuelling together with them. The share of aviation fuel stored in Domodedovo by alternative operators and airlines increases from year to year due to such policy: in 2000-2001 this share constituted 20-25% while it increased up to 84% in 2009-2012.

Nowadays a number of questions accumulated in the aviation fuel provision field, requiring expert elaboration and legislative solutions. The meeting arranged by IATA at Domodedovo airport became the ground for discussion of possible branch development directions.

Moscow Domodedovo airport is the largest airport in Russia; it serviced 28,2 mln.people in 2012. It is categorized as one of the largest airports of Europe and one of the three most dynamically developing airports of Europe according to ACIEurope classification. It retains the rank of the best airport of the Eastern Europe from 2009 according to Skytrax rating. Domodedovo was selected for flights to Moscow by the members of the leading worlds aviation alliances - StarAlliance and oneworld.

Shell and Aerofuels Company was formed in June 2001 by Aerofuels Group of Companies and ShellAviation, one of the worlds leading fuelling companies. It is functioning successfully in Moscow in the territory of Domodedovo airport and the company started refuelling operations in Pulkovo airport. The company is subject to regular inspections and confirms the high quality of rendered services and full conformity of aircrafts fuelling to ShellAviation standards. Insurance in the amount of 1 bill.USD for one insurance event connected with aircrafts fuelling is valid in Shell and Aerofuels company according to IATA standards. It enables the foreign companies to land for refuelling without any limitations. The Shell and Aerofuels Company was awarded a silver rate for following the corporate standards of Health, Safety, Security & Environmental (HSSE) in its operation activities in the Domodedovo airport among ShellAviation Companies upon the results of operation in 2010. The company holds contracts with 50 foreign aviation carriers.

The message was prepared based on the materials of Moscow Domodedovo Airport Company.


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